Guiding Principles

  • Be civil – Intex community invites only civil and constructive dialogue is from everyone involved in the smart ideas and commentaries. Anything that is inappropriate, inaccurate, profane or defamatory will be removed or deleted by us permanently. Any spam from participants will not be tolerated. The site will be constantly moderated by the community. Also we would be grateful if the users can inform or notify us about any inappropriate materials and notify Intex for removal.
  • The more relevant replies are shared, you are more closer to grab your dream phone. Thus be relevant while sharing your dream ideas. Intex community is dedicated to the discussion of ideas and improvements related to Intex products and Intex smartphones and related mobile technology. Be relevant – community Storm is dedicated to the discussion of ideas and improvements related to Dell products and services and related technology. Intex community is the appropriate channel to seek technical support or inquire about an order. Intex is already in charge of a number of online channels to help you provide support timely and allow customers to share their concerns and views, learn more about our product specifications, or seek resolution on a service delivery issue. please make sure you use the channel that best suits your needs.
  • Be yourself – The goal of Intex community is to encourage the discussion and sharing of individual and unique ideas, entries and solutions. So feel free to be yourself. We eagerly look forward to your own ideas and comments, that has been uniquely created by you. We hope you will contribute the best ideas and comments, as in, your own ideas. Please do not pitch us for commercial purposes or interests.
  • Be honest and ethical – Please follow the basic legal restrictions just as you do on any other web site. – for example, not infringing on any patent or copyright or sharing any confidential information. Read more about this in the Intex community Terms of Service below.

Our Commitments

  • Moderation – To promote a real-time and free-flowing discussion and ideas of your dream smartphone, comments will not be actively moderated by Intex. Intex community will be moderated by the community, and users can and should flag any materials that don’t fit the Intex community platform guidelines. The site manager also will retroactively remove postings that breach the rules of engagement. We will do our best to respond to the comments – wherever we feel it is appropriate – in a reasonable timeframe. As this site is a forum for ideas and dream phone discussions, it is not designed for Q&A with Intex or responses to specific customer concerns and queries.
  • Topics – Your smart ideas hold value to us and we will not hesitate to address tough issues or challenging topics, but will do so in a measured, thoughtful fashion. There are some topics, however, that would be avoided on the Intex smart idea site and will not be maintained on the site – political issues, sensitive financial matters and topics unrelated to our business and industry, for example.
  • Due Diligence – We will consider the most popular ideas, which have been duly liked and voted the most by the users and review the suggestions for their business potential and viability. We will work only on the implementable ideas and the implementable ideas will be judged and decided solely by the Intex Mobile Support team and the technical team.
  • Updates – We will update users timely on the status of the most popular ideas and any product or business developments linked to user ideas on the dream phone and comments.
  • Conduct – Our corporate values and policies will guide what we say – and how we say it. In line with our Intex Code of Conduct, we are committed to acting in a professional, transparent, accurate and ethical manner in all situations – with our campaign participants, customers, and business partners. Intex also subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. All comments and interactions on IdeaStorm by Dell representatives must follow the guidelines as defines by the community site, and Intex has the discretion to remove posts by others that are not in line with these guidelines.
  • Privacy – Privacy and confidentiality is our goal. We are committed to the privacy of your personal information shared during the registration process. We give due respect to your privacy at Intex. Information collected for registration purpose will remain strictly confidential.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service and Guiding Principles [“Terms of Service”], the Intex Website Terms of Use and community’s Privacy Policy govern your use of the Intex community. These terms are not exhaustive and Intex reserves the right to add more terms and conditions at any time effective upon posting. By registering and participating at Intex community, you agree to abide by these terms. Any violation or breach of these terms may result in the suspension or termination of your right to access community platform. Intex’s SmartIdea is an English language forum, and use of IdeaStorm is governed by U.S. law.


One user can register per email address, screen name and password. We may not accept a screen name or email address that is already being used, or impersonates that of any other person, violates the intellectual property or other rights of any person, is vulgar of offensive; or that we reject after our careful judgment.

By registering for Intex community, you agree that all information provided in your profile is accurate, true, current and complete. Intex and its agents may terminate your account if any of the information provided is found to be inaccurate, false, out of date, or incomplete. Please share only accurate information which has been asked while registration to be able to continue the use of community.

Site Management

Intex community is not intended as a way for visitors to get answers from Intex community manager on any issue; it is intended as a means to exchange ideas and propose solutions. Unless the person is a site manager or otherwise authorized to speak on behalf of Intex, the views and statements of Intex are theirs alone and do not represent an official company position or ideology. Intex community is not a substitute for contacting Intex Customer Support or Intex Care.